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Position Size Calculator

How To Use

The Position Size and Risk Calculator is a useful tool for traders who want to manage their risk while trading. Here's how to use it:


Choice of Financial Instruments: Choose from a wide variety of financial instruments, including major forex pairs, underage and exotics, several cryptocurrencies, and commodities such as gold, silver, and oil.


Deposit Currency: The base currency of your account should be considered when determining your ideal lot size, as it affects the pip value and market rate of your chosen cross.

Stop Loss: Enter the maximum number of pips you are willing to risk on your trade.

Account Balance: Simply enter your account balance.


 Risk: Select the risk percentage or amount of your account's base currency at risk with each trade. As a guideline, a professional trader should never risk more than 2% of his account capital on a single trade.



Calculate: After all inputs are completed, click the Calculate button to get the result.



Result: The calculator will display the recommended lot size and the amount of units it represents, as well as the equity portion of the account at risk.


In this example, if you use a stop loss of 100 pips and risk 2% of your account's equity, the recommended lot size is 0.05 lots, equivalent to 5,000 units, and you risk 40 USD.

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